It’s Published

My last two months:

The last two months have been an interesting time for me. I feel like I have taken two steps forward with my new venture, the book, only to take three steps back.

Letters from the Box in the Attic, a Story of Survival, Courage and Love is ready to launch! There are a few bugs that still need to be ironed out, but nothing major.

The last two months have been a journey which took me from ecstasy to tremendous self-doubt. The first printing of the book did come out in late February, which prior to it going live, the thought of the book actually being printed was an enormous high for me. But when it actually happened, I got panicked. The idea of being an author scared me. The idea that there may be some mistakes in the manuscript, some errors in the book, frightened me to death.

I had spent so much time researching the book, taking the time to find out as much as I could about my parents, but now I even regretted taking on the job.

So there I was, the night when my complementary copies from the publisher came to my door, I could not sleep. Thoughts of problems emerging crept into my head, of putting myself out there and being questioned. I doubted and had reservations about the whole project, thinking why did I do this?  Why have I tried to tell Mom’s story? I was overwhelmed with self-doubt.

So I had Alan, my husband, read the book to find errors. I then submitted three corrections. Then I started to read the manuscript again and found more. So I did a re-submission of the whole book. In the meantime, I could not market the book; sales on Amazon were suspended. The book was originally edited, but the editing process is huge and not easy.

At the present time, I have taken a leap of faith; the book is in its present state; it is what it is. It’s finished and it’s on Amazon. God forbid there are any corrections needed. If there are, I can’t do anything about them. The book is worth reading. The story is beautiful and its message is compelling.

Letters from the Box in the Attic now has a Facebook page:

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The book is available for purchase on Amazon:

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Thank you!

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