Loving Memories

Here I am at my son’s home in Los Angeles and I have been spending time with his precious family for the last few days. I think my mother, my son’s grandmother, whom he loved so much and how I now am a grandmother to sweet Oliver. I remember how my mom would come to Chicago to watch my children when Alan and I would to go out of town and how she fawned over them while at the same time would worry whether she was taking good enough care of them.

Family was everything to my mom and this she has successfully passed on to her descendants.

I am leaving for Warsaw this evening to attend a conference presented by the Kresy-Siberia Foundation, a conference called Generations Remember. This past September 1st marked the 75th anniversary of the start of WWII with the invasion of Poland by the Nazi’s and the subsequent invasion of the Soviet Union 16 days later. The Soviets were responsible for the deportations and arrests of 1.7 million Poles into Siberia with only 500,000 surviving.

I hope to mingle with some survivors and their descendants with the hope of learning first hand, what these people like my mother, father and his family experienced 70+ years ago. If I am fortunate enough, I will find some people from their area with similar stories.

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