First of the translations

Excerpts from my diary:

September 5, 2013

The letters I have had translated have produced some mixed results.  The family letters of my dad have proved valuable and interesting.  From those I learned that my grandparents and aunt were deported to Siberia from Stryj but exactly when I do not know.  The letters my dad received from them indicate there was scarce communication, much worry and anxiety from his sister and parents.  My dad’s aunt and cousin were also deported and then after the amnesty they put in to resettle in India.  My grandparents and aunt were given amnesty but did not get back to Poland until 1946.  There was a lot of politicking going on by Stalin that resulted in thousands of Poles being kept in the Soviet Union even after the official end of the war.  My grandparents and aunt were ultimate resettled in Gliwice which was previously Germany.

The letters sent to my dad after their deportation plead with him to come and rescue them out of Siberia.  Apparently there were former soldiers that were able to be reunited with their families in Kazakhstan, which is where they were much of the time.  The only documentation as to where Tatus emerged was in one of his papers that show him in the Polish Second Corp under General Anders, the army formed in the Soviet Union.  This was in 1942,somewhere in Kazakhstan.

Why he was not able to travel to see them is a great mystery to me.  I almost sensed some anger in his sister’s tone because of it.  Maybe he was physically in bad shape,  as was the case with so many soldiers, or the distance was too much.  I do wish I could figure that out.

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